Casablanca Airport Guide with departures and arrivals information

Casablanca Airport is the primary international airport in the country and the hub for Royal Air Maroc. The airport has an annual passenger volume of over 10 million passengers. Our airport guide provides you with the ultimate information on airports and destinations. Our guide will provide you with great tips and tricks for staying at the airport, including terminal facilities, public & private transportation, hotel accommodation, and essential contact information while you are in Morocco.

CMN Terminals

There are two operational terminals at the Casablanca International Airport: 

Terminal 1: This terminal is the older of the two terminals and mainly handles domestic flights.

Terminal 2: This terminal is the newer and larger of the two terminals and mainly handles international flights. It was built to accommodate the growing number of passengers traveling to and from the airport. Terminal 2 is divided into two separate buildings, Terminal 2A and Terminal 2B connected by a walkway.

CMN Transportion

There are several ways to get to and from Mohammed V International Airport (CMN)

Train: The airport is connected to the Casablanca-Marrakech railway line, with a train station located in Terminal 2.

Taxi: The fare to Casablanca is 300 MAD

Car rental: Casablanca airport is well equipped with car rental counters in its facilities.

Private Transfer: There are several private transfer companies that provide airport transfer services, which can be booked in advance.

CMN Services & Facilities

Hotels;There are no hotels at the airport. 
shops and restaurants; Casablanca Airport has a good variety of restaurants, bars, and cafes.
Luggage;It is not possible to store luggage at Casablanca Airport.
Information;In both the Arrivals and Departures hall, there is a general information desk
Business;In the central hall, there is a small business center.
People with disabilities;The airport is very accessible for people with disabilities.

How to get to the Casablanca CMN Airport?

By road

How to get to the airport: Coming from Casablanca: Head south, highway to Marrakech, exit airport Coming from Rabat: Southbound, highway to Marrakech, exit airport Coming from Marrakech: Head north, highway to Casablanca-Rabat, exit airport .

By train

Access to the airport is by train via Ain Sebaa, Casa Port, Casa Voyageurs and Oasis train stations. The airport train station is located in the "Arrivals" zone (level -1).

Parking at CMN

Terminal 1: Two-level parking with a capacity of 2,075 spaces
Terminal 2: Parking on two levels with a capacity of 2,000 spaces

Marrakech to Casablanca airport by car

About Casablanca

Casablanca is today the economic capital of Morocco and its largest city, located on the Atlantic coast bordered by magnificent beaches which make it an always rivaled seaside destination. It is about 80 km south of Rabat, with a population of 3,594,352 inhabitants in 2021 it is the most populated city in the Maghreb. Casablanca is the third tourist city in Morocco and people go there mainly for business.

The discoveries and revelations that the excursions in the city will bring you, as well as the exploration of nature are breathtaking: spectacular landscapes, lifestyles, architectures, crafts, encounters...

Your escape will enrich you with emotions, knowledge and memories.

Casablanca has one of the largest and most beautiful mosques on the planet, the Hassan II Mosque, a true symbol of the city, it is the tallest minaret (210 m) in Africa, and the fifth largest mosque in the world, it is one of the few open to non-Muslims in the entire Arab world.

"Casa" is also a plethora of piano bars, restaurants, trendy nightclubs where you can party in a delirious atmosphere!

This city, which combines Moroccan architectural tradition with standards of urban planning and modern comfort, quickly seduces all visitors to Casablanca.
There is also the Morocco Mall, the largest shopping center in Africa and one of the largest internationally, with the third musical fountain in the world.

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